Solar Street Light 40W,120W Solar Panel,150Ah Gel Batterr Off Grid System

Solar Street Light 40W,120W Solar Panel,150Ah Gel Batterr Off Grid System
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Product Details

To know All in One Solar street light 

Integrated solar street light, with solar panel, lamp, battery in one

Advantages of Separated Solar Street Light:

1. Solar panel and LED lamp can face different directions, can use the solar energy highly efficient;

2. Have long backup hours, with gel battery buried in the ground or hang up on the pole, have enough space for battery to have large capacity;

3. Cost less but light long hours;

4. Have many different designs;

6M Pole 40W LED Solar Street Light Kit, Equal to 150W HPS, Design Based On 5.0 KWH,11-12Hrs lighting time/night*3-4  Overcast Nights

Part Name and Lifespan

Technical Specification

Solar Panel:

120W*1PC Polycrystalline. For 12V lighting using.

Lifespan:20-25 years

High Efficiency. A-class, Adding Aluminum Frame, Tempered Glass.

Gelled Battery

150Ah/12V*1PC, Gelled battery, Sealed Type.

Lifespan:5-8 years

Deep cycle. Maintenance Free

Intelligent Solar Controller

15A/12V, IP68. Automatic Light and Time Control

Lifespan:5-10 years

Over-charging/discharging Protection

Reverse-connection Protection

Switch on Automatically with Light Sensor;

Switch off after designed Hours later.(11-12 Hrs)

Light source: High Power LED

40W LED, White Color, 3600LM,6500K, IP65

Lifespan: 80000 Hrs

High Power, High Brightness.

Lamp Housing:

Die-casted Aluminum, IP65

Lifespan: More than 20 years

High transmittance & Density toughened glass,

Battery Box:

Engineering Steel, hang on the pole

Pole System:

6M Height, tapered Pole, Steel,Q235

Lifespan: More than 20 years

Hot-Dip Galvanized. Plastic Coated, Rust Proof,

With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings, Cable, Etc

Resistant to Wind: ≥160KM/H


Armored cable, include weather-protective cable glands

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Tariff Code


System Certification



3 Years for full system


30% Deposit, 70% Against Copy of B/L or L/C at sight

Delivery time

Usually 15-20 Working Days

Component Photos

Solar Lamp




Solar panel


Gel battery


battery box:

ABS plastic:


Galvanized steel:



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Solar Street Light system:

Lamp: DC12V/40w LED 

Solar Panel:120w/18v

Gel battery: DC12V/150AH

Controller: 12V/15A

Working mode: 12 hours lighting per day, 3-4 days back up.

5 years warranty for the solar street light system.