Why Choose LONGT's Solar Street Lights


                                       Why Choose Longt's Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights is now popular around the world, especially in the places that electricity is precious energy and suburbs connecting with city power supply costs too much. 

Longt Lighting Group has helped clients done many major projects in Pakistan, Indonesia, African countries, such as Benin, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Botzwana. We have received favorable feedbacks from clients. 


The most important thing of that because we have to provide clients with good quality products. All the parts are from our long time cooperating suppliers. Such as the charge controller, we have done many testing of our controller and used it in many projects to find out it's the best we can have.  It can truly guarantee the warranty 5 years. 

Plus the battery, it's the most important part in the whole system and the quality can be tricky. Battery material prices are quite transparent in the market. When choose a supplier, do not choose the one with low price. They couldn't supply with good quality if their price can't even afford the material to produce the battery. The capacity is not as they claims and it will hurt your system and your project badly.

As an egineering company ourselves, we have the staff and experince help you with your project, from budget, design, supply, installation, maintenance. We will provide all we have learned in our formal projects and help you avoid messing situations. 

We design setting for your system, which can last longer lifetime , as more than 5- 8 years. 30-50%  longer than normal system. 

We keep our warranty, if your system or parts if failed, we will provide you with new ones and we will pay the transportation. You will not be required to return the failed parts. 

Please contact :+86 187 96667008, email: olivia.wang@ltzm.comto get more information from us.