What Is The Price Of Solar Street Lights?

What is the price of solar street lights?

Will be considered in the price of batteries, solar street lights, the reason is very simple, as an independent can absorb solar radiation lighting facilities, in the cloudy rainy season, it certainly can not rely on the absorption of radiation to meet the needs of lighting, so the demand for batteries and solar lights The In considering the use of solar street light on the basis of the part and the purchase of the problem, the lights will be staged during the power supply capacity and battery life will be considered.

Cast aluminum lamp shell, the shell with thermal integrated thermal power, low heat consumption down: the use of aluminum-based circuit board welding technology, light failure is not more than 10% per year, 5 mm small particles do not need to add the radiator), work 10 h at room temperature And the fin surface and interface temperature of 15 ° C or less. Led light source DC11V - 14 v voltage range can be used normally, in the range of - 25 ℃ to +50 ℃ can be used normally.

After the installation of solar street lights on the ground, people still need to strengthen the secondary, street lamp which is made of very strong stainless steel, so its surface weathered erosion damage. But after considering the line, the user to ensure that the solar street light line will not rest for a long time, and then fixed lanterns must be strict treatment.

Incandescent and energy-saving lamps are relatively common lamps, but also very popular street lamps solar street lighting facilities, it has a great advantage. In fact, solar street lights can not only save the effect, to a large extent, very important is that its overall cost is low, can play a very good role in saving money.

First of all, from the cost of installation, the installation of solar street lights at a lower cost. With the traditional street lamp installed, it does not require wires and cables to lay, nor does it need an underground pipeline laying. In this way, they can save a lot of installation costs, you can save a lot of money. It is worth mentioning that, regardless of municipal construction units, and the construction of tourist attractions, many places will not hesitate to choose the installation and use of solar lights.

Second, the solar street lamp factory production lamp maintenance costs are low. Have to say is that ordinary incandescent and energy-saving lamps more difficult to maintain, and need to spend a lot of cost. But if you choose to use solar lights, keep relatively simple and low maintenance costs. Therefore, if you want to reduce maintenance costs, street lighting facilities should be installed and used.

Facilities of the lights in the third, solar street lamp factory direct price is relatively cheap, so it can better reduce the cost of the whole, is a very cost-effective street lighting facilities.