What Is The Life Of The Solar Panels For LED Solar Street Lights?

  What is the life of the solar panels for LED solar street lights?

  General LED solar street lamp battery life for how long? LED solar cells for the introduction, we will introduce from several aspects:

  LED solar street light

  1.LED solar street light component surface layer with high transparent veneer tempered glass package, a high optical transmittance while reducing light reflection, improve the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

  2.LED solar street lamp maximum system voltage greater than 1000VDC.

  3. Service life of up to 25 years, attenuation less than 20%.

  4. Anodized aluminum frame: high mechanical strength, with good resistance to wind and hail resistance, LED solar street light can be used in a variety of complex harsh weather conditions, easy to install.

  5. Structural features: single / polycrystalline silicon solar cells in series and parallel, the use of high-strength low-iron tempered glass, high-performance anti-aging EVA, weathering excellent TPT composite film laminated, light transmission and high mechanical strength.

  6. DC junction box: sealed waterproof, LED solar street light high reliability multi-function junction box, the box is equipped with bypass diodes, the connection side with easy to operate dedicated male and female plug, the use of safe, convenient and reliable.