What Factors Affect LED Street Light Life

LED Street Lights manufacturers to take you to understand what factors affect the life of LED Street Lights?

Impact factors First, LED Street Lights controller:

The controller not only control, monitor, maintain the battery components, batteries, load the operating conditions, while the battery control, to ensure that the battery operating conditions, but also directly maintain the LED Street Lights load, to provide a useful and relative Stable operating environment, especially in the battery power shortage or undervoltage operations and other critical conditions of operation. A high-precision, well-functioning controller will play a key role. For example, sometimes LED street lighting will appear flickering situation. This fault is mainly the controller problem.

Impact factors Second, the lighting source:

Different lighting sources have different service life, low pressure sodium Light, low voltage electrodeless Light, LED street Light, low pressure fluorescent Light and other different kinds of light source. Now the main application of LED Street Lights, the main reason is the quality of good life in 50,000 hours, theoretically 10 hours a day lighting, you can use more than 10 years. So the installation of LED Street Lights to pick a good light source is the main key.

Influencing factors Third, the light starter:

Different starter start method is not the same, the need for different ballasts or drive power lights. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED Street Lights light source. Today is usually driven by constant current source. Constant current source is good or bad and set the parameters of the size of the appropriate light source is very important. Mainly see: constant current accuracy, output power, maintenance circuit, parameter setting scale.

Impact factors Fourth, the battery:

LED Street Lights choose a relatively stable performance of the battery. And the construction process to the battery to be closely installed, beware of accidental factors such as water. Otherwise it will directly affect the life of solar lights.