The Obvious Advantage Of Solar Street Light

  The obvious advantage of Solar street Light

  The disadvantage of ordinary street Light: in the installation process complex, need to lay cable, to carry out the excavation of cable trench, buried pipelines and lines. Some places are not good to bury pipelines, the cost will be higher. and the installation and commissioning for a long time, wasting a lot of human and financial resources.

  Electricity tariffs also rise with prices, and power stations claim to be operating at a loss, and maintenance of the lines is often maintained.

  Buried line has a safety hazard, if someone else in the buried line construction, may damage to the line pipeline, easy to cause safety accidents.

  The advantages of ordinary street Light: not affected by the weather. There is no effect on the lack of sunlight. Comparatively speaking, the cost of streetlights is slightly lower.

  The advantages of Solar street Light: Simple installation, without laying complex lines, just dig a small pit, a cement base, with stainless steel screws can be fixed. Solar street Light rely on solar energy to convert into electricity, so after building almost 0 input, only day-to-day maintenance and equipment aging repair. The procurement costs are relatively high. But later costs are slowly recycled. Solar street Light and lanterns have longer service life than mains Light.

  But solar streetlights also have a shortage of places. Rainy days of lighting problems who can not guarantee that the battery life and so on. But as technology progresses, these problems will soon be solved. Solar street Light believe that the future will gradually replace the mains lights.