The Directors Of China Lighting Association Visit Longt


The 2018 China International Landscape Lighting Forum hosted by China Lighting Association, Gaoyou people's government and China Zhao Association landscape lighting Specialized Committee has been successfully hosted.


Long Huibin, chairman of the group, interviewed by Gaoyou TV station, gave a detailed explanation of the forum's grand event and enterprise development.He said that the group will focus on building intelligent workshops in the future, increase investment in research and development, attract more sophisticated talents, and take the high-tech development route of industry, University and Research Institute.


Fan Yuanli, director of brand group of LongT, shared the key projects of the group in recent years.

Chen Yansheng, chairman of the China lighting and electrical appliances association, accompanied by the relevant leaders of Gaoyou, visited the production workshop of LongT.Li Hong, vice president of the group, introduced the production of intelligent lighting in the group.

This time, the 2018 China International Forum on landscape lighting has been successfully held, thanks to the support of the municipal government of the Gaoyou municipal municipal committee on the lighting industry and industry experts and professors to visit and guide, deliver the treasure, pointing out the direction and far-reaching significance for many transformation and upgrading of street lamp manufacturing base.