Technology Editor

Traditional design of LED street lamps designed with emphasis on LED on the number of lumens, and less attention to cooling. In fact, lumen LED is rapidly increasing. 2009 Dan Wa lumen LED has reached 100, and this number is growing quickly. The corresponding theory of heat transfer systems have matured, we can use the means of heat transfer are also clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer. Therefore, heat or cooling issues, limited measures are visible, we can take.

LED Street lamp cooling technology, generally used for heat-conducting plate, is a 5mm thick copper plate, is actually average temperature, temperature heat off; and the installation of the heatsink to heat, but was too large. Weight in street system Shang is important, because Street high has 9 meters, if too heavy risk on increased, especially encountered Typhoon, and earthquake are may produced accident. domestic has manufacturers used global first of needle-like thermal technology, needle-like thermal device of thermal efficiency to than traditional tablets-like radiator has is significantly improve, can makes LED knot temperature than General radiator low 15 ℃ above, and waterproof performance than General aluminum profile radiator better, while in weight and volume Shang also has improved. In addition, the graphite heat sinks for high-power LED lighting development also has good heat properties.