Technical Requirements Of Solar Street Light Controller

  Technical requirements of solar street light controller

  Solar street light controller used in solar lighting system, is responsible for coordinating the solar panels, batteries, load work, is the solar street lighting system, one of the most critical components for the entire solar lighting system efficient and safe operation to provide protection.

  Solar street light controller is mainly used for solar garden lights, commercial street, factory park roads, traffic lights, landscape lights, pastoral areas, unattended communication base stations and other solar lighting and power supply system.

  As a solar street light controller should have the following basic functions: to the best charge to the state of the battery charge, automatically turn on and off the street or load, with overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse discharge protection, polarity reverse polarity protection, Lightning protection, undervoltage protection, overcharge protection, load start recovery settings.

  Solar street light controller technical requirements should be noted:

  One: should choose a lower power controller, the controller 24 hours without interruption, such as its own power consumption, it will consume part of the power, the best choice of power consumption below 3 mA controller.

  2: to select the high efficiency of the controller, with a strong charge, balanced charge, floating charge three-stage charge control mode controller, the use of MCU intelligent control, through internal calculations, always to the maximum power to the battery charge, In the winter or under light of the period, the use of MCU intelligent control of the charging mode than non-MCU intelligent controller about 20% higher efficiency.

  Three: a high-precision control, high-precision product design is a comprehensive embodiment of the material is also a good expression of material, it is the embodiment of the production process. Non-high-precision control of the solar street light controller is often due to product design is unreasonable, poor selection of materials such as the use of high repair rate, poor reliability, low market prices.

  Four: only the choice of two separate control with the controller, so easy for the entire lamp power adjustment. In the night pedestrian rare period can automatically turn off all the way or two lighting, saving electricity, you can also for LED lights for power adjustment. In addition to selecting the above power saving function, set the controller undervoltage protection value, try to put the undervoltage protection value ≥ 10.8V, to prevent the battery over discharge.