Street Light Standards

This standard specifies a LED (light emitting diode) lamp definitions, product category, type and name, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marks, manual, packaging, transportation and storage requirements.

This standard applies to or below 1000V AC 250V DC power supply power supply roads, streets and other outdoor public lighting, tunnel lighting with LED (light emitting diode) lamps.

1 lamp electrical property

LED lights under the nominal rated voltage, rated frequency work, the difference between actual consumption and rated power should not be greater than 10%, power factor shall be not less than 0. 92.

2 protection

LED lamp protection grade a product shall not be lower than the IP67;B grade should not be below the IP66;C level not IP65.

3 life expectancy

LED Street lamp rated life expectancy should not be less than 30000h.

4 maximum temperature

LED Street lamp the rated maximum temperature Tc value should not be greater than 58 c.

5 the largest heat sink temperature

Lamp LED tube falling within the largest heat sink temperature should not exceed 65 degrees centigrade.