Solar Street Lights Are Widely Used In Modern Urban And Urban And Rural Construction

Solar street lights are widely used in modern urban and urban and rural construction, a complete set of solar street lights by the solar panels, light sources, batteries, controllers, poles and jacket lines and other components. Because the solar lights are in the outdoor environment into the working state, so there will be many unforeseen failures, and these failures may be only a small problem, but the trouble to the user is a headache, in addition to professional and technical personnel to timely processing Outside, others are helpless.

1, the controller detects: the controller is lit red light is charging, red light flashes that the battery is full, the controller is to pulse the small current charge.

2, the controller yellow light: that the battery has been loss of power, and can not be normal light, this time, Solar Street Light such as the battery line is broken and then re-connected lights will be bright, then the controller detects the battery is a day after charging the battery capacity Rise, not the battery's float voltage (disconnect the load from the recovery voltage).

3, solar panels: solar panels such as the connection is not very strong will not cause normal charging, usually the performance of a voltage (voltmeter test), the normal open circuit voltage above 17.5V; but no current. This phenomenon is not connected to the line of the battery board (welding appears Weld or connector is not strong) investigation method can be directly behind the panel in the black electrical cover open, Solar Street Light the direct use of voltage, ammeter test data. Such as direct detection from the aluminum plate of the battery are no current, indicating that the battery has a problem to be replaced.

4, the battery: the battery in the normal state of charge, discharge should be normal, such as the detection voltage of 12V or more, and connected to the lamp (load) after a short time within the voltage down the battery that is damaged; another battery in the waterproof shell water When the short circuit caused by positive and negative and can not detect the correct voltage, usually a while high voltage, while low voltage, Solar Street Light due to water caused by excessive battery discharge voltage dropped to 10V below, when the battery as a normal small current cycle Charge and discharge can be used normally, if not normal use on the need to replace the lead-acid battery in the normal after three years due to the decline in capacity will cause the day off the light ahead of time or rainy days to reduce the time for the normal phenomenon.

5, led light source: the light source in the case of normal battery voltage can work properly, such as light does not shine, you can put the lamp is positive and negative directly connected to the positive and negative battery detection, such as light can light up; The fixture is good and the controller does not power the fixtures. At this time the phenomenon: rainy days long, the battery voltage is not enough, (the controller of the battery protection voltage is 11.3V and 22.6V, as long as the battery below the following voltage, Solar Street Light the controller will force off the lights) must wait for the battery again Fully charged; voltage rise to 12V (24V), the lamp may work properly. If the lamp is connected directly to the battery is not lit, indicating that the lamp has a problem, this phenomenon should be: adjust the control of the lamp control circuit components of the problem (high current, large voltage breakdown or parts off), this situation should contact factory replacement The

6, the lamps are bright during the day: the day can not turn off the lights; this situation, said: 1, solar panels in the day through the controller did not charge the battery, with 1,3 methods to detect solar panels and controllers. 2, the controller in connection with the positive and negative as the reverse, resulting in the controller components burned.

7, line damage: As the solar energy will be used in the "low-voltage wire" Each cable is composed of a lot of fine copper wire. We are not careful in the installation of the insulation layer in the copper wire after the failure to see the surface, Solar Street Light but this time only the voltage is not pass the current, the lamp installed after a few days is not bright (no current charge , The battery is running out). Also in the installation of the insulation layer of the line crushed, the line through the light pole conduction, resulting in short circuit, the battery short circuit will be charged, the battery short-circuit spark, light short-circuit lights do not shine.