Solar Street Light Price Misunderstanding

Solar street lights to "energy saving, environmental protection" and other characteristics gradually being widely used. Solar energy - one of the main energy sources of mankind in this century. Solar photovoltaic products through the sun in the light of the role of electricity into the process, is a high-tech development of new energy. Solar street light consists of the following components: solar cells, batteries, solar street lights dedicated controller, luminous body and light pole. Is an automatic control of the working system, as long as the system set the work mode will automatically run the work.

Buy solar lights, with a waterproof performance of the controller plays a vital link, the controller directly determines the number of solar street lights against rain days, the stability of the product and quality is good or bad. And Rui Peng solar lighting company's professional waterproof performance controller are equipped with the following conditions:

To prevent the battery overcharge and over discharge, to extend the battery life; to prevent the solar panel or battery square, the battery polarity reverse; to prevent the load, the controller, inverter and other equipment internal short circuit; Protection, temperature compensation, display of various working conditions of the photovoltaic power generation system, including battery voltage, load status, battery array working status, auxiliary power status, ambient temperature status, fault alarm, and so on.

Solar street lights are now no see, whether it is park, roadside, or home, but for the purchase, there are still many users do not know, then we tell you about the common purchase of solar street lights Mistakes:

Misunderstanding 1: Do not set the price of goods.

Although the price of solar street lights embodies the profit, quality and brand price of the joint. In the purchase of solar lights, the price is closely related with the configuration, ultra-cheap solar street light goods must be helpless to protect the use, but the ultra-low price of the street is also a kind of money extravagant fees. The price of solar street lights is not the higher the better, it was a multi-range elements of the reaction.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not always choose high brightness.

Solar street light is adopted bright LED lamp beads, brightness is the number of energy-saving lamps in general several times. In the manufacturers of the normal configuration can be satisfied with the lighting needs. If the brightness is too high, since extravagant fees, but also for the formation of human eye injury. Normal solar street light for the LED30W, equivalent to energy saving lamp 200-250W brightness.