Solar Street Light Controller Installation Requirements

  Solar street light controller installation requirements

  Solar street light to rely on light as a source of solar street lights to achieve an independent road lighting. As the solar street light using intelligent automatic lighting, in order to ensure the quality of road lighting in the installation of solar street lights, solar street lamp manufacturers how to configure the controller in order to achieve good road lighting?

  In order to ensure the normal operation of the entire solar street lighting system, the controller should be able to ensure that the battery components are not overcharged or put to the vote and are damaged under any conditions and are controlled, controlled, controlled at the same time, temperature compensated and protected Ray, reverse polarity protection. In addition the controller is responsible for monitoring the battery module charging status, the management of the charging process, including the load on and off, so that the battery components, make full use of energy and extend the service life. In the controller configuration can limit the charge voltage to prevent overcharge of the battery module, close the load to prevent the discharge, the controller can prevent the current is too large, the temperature is too high, the controller can automatically open / close the load or components. Overvoltage, load can turn off the load.

  Due to the non-contact control technology used by the controller, it has advanced control function, which is especially suitable for solar street light and photovoltaic power generation control through automatic switching load, and has various protection functions. So the installation of street lamps when the solar street lamp manufacturers only a reasonable configuration controller in order to achieve a good road lighting.