Purchase Points

Luminous efficiency

Technology matures, high-power LED light source can meet the lamps required. Photosynthetic efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is 100LM/W, commonly used for high power LED is 50-60LM/W, best LED chips can reach 80LM/W abroad, higher luminous efficiency means better energy-saving effect, which is selected LED lights, one of the most important indicators. However, the LED does not have clearly defined in the standard, so that when we purchase LED lights must be carefully identified.

Light attenuation

And some businesses, in order to reduce costs, with hundreds of small 0.5W power LED. However, this low-power LED light is very serious, their life of 1000 hours of light to 80%. So, as long-term use of lamps is permitted in this low-power LED, use high power LED (30W), the light will be a lot better.