LONGT Celebrates The Joy Of The May Day

May 1st

A labourer's holiday

Sing the song of Longteng enterprise


Director Ding

Engineering Comprehensive Department

Longteng lighting for 10 years

Do everything, hope for the best and try your best to prepare for the worst.


Manager Zhang

Intermediate lighting designer intermediate engineer Landscape Designer

Longteng lighting for 9 years

Ignite the spark of inspiration, create the light of the city, and go forward to LongT dream as usual!


Workers Yang

Welding group

Longteng lighting for 8 years

Sparks witness the change of dragon, I am proud of me in Longteng.


Workers Sheng

Spray forming group

Longteng lighting for 5 years

Unremitting perseverance

The vigorous development of the group is inseparable from the dedication and dedication of  each LongT.

The bright lights of the city lit up with sweat

The city's light is opened with action

Warm the city with their youth

Before May 1, the elite of the Ministry of Commerce carried out the bidding competition.

Dedicate your youth, gratitude has you.