Lighting Qingdao To Mainstream Media Coverage

2018 6.12

The mainstream media such as China Jiangsu net, Yangzhou evening news and Yangzhou issued a deep report on the group's participation in the Qingdao summit meeting.


"Airport to Qingyin expressway section is the only way for many tourists and citizens to get in and out of Qingdao. It is one of Qingdao's welcome road." Long Huibin, chairman of LONGT.

Shao Weibin told reporters that in the "beautiful Qingdao action" night scene lighting operation, "Ba Da Guan scenic area" is one of the key points.

Earlier, Xiamen started the night scene promotion project for the five countries meeting of the BRIC, and we were also involved in the core section of the project, the exhibition section of the lighting project, recognized and praised, and the project won the "Ten Major Project Awards of the Aladdin God lantern award this year.


In the early stage of design, we enhanced the effect of nightscape lighting and added various technology elements. For example, fully considering the lighting mode control, according to different needs to show weekdays mode, holiday mode and energy saving mode.