Light The Beautiful Gansu, Warm All The People

2018  5,28  

Shao Weibin, general manager of the group, went to Gansu to donate solar street lamps on fourth years.

Song chairman cordial greetings and pointed out: "the idea that LONGT enterprise is lighting the city, warm people, enterprises are also using their own practical actions to practice their mission, worthy of praise, not only illuminate the city, but also for rural construction to contribute to the enterprise strength, highlight LONGT enterprise public welfare heart, feedback society, build Blessing the people. "

Lin Duo,"Enterprises continue to be strong and strong, still do not forget the initial heart and social responsibility. LONGTs donation to Gansu's continuous solar street lamps has effectively solved the travel difficulties for the local people. It embodies the humane care for the society. The kindness of LONGT is worth encouraging, hoping to continue to carry forward the spirit of great love in the future. Light is sent to more cities and people who need help, making greater contributions to society.

Since 2015, LONGT has always been concerned about Gansu's "Double couplet" action and precision poverty alleviation.

LONGT has been adhering to the mission of "lighting the city and warming the people".

We should carry out diversified projects such as "old age", "supporting orphans", "helping the disabled", "helping the poor", "disaster relief" and so on.