Light Pole When To Buy What Parameters Indicators To Pay Attention To View

Street lamp poles for the role of urban traffic Needless to say, in the purchase of street light pole when some of the parameters of the product parameters should be careful to look at, a more comprehensive understanding of the product.

1, pole height of 5-15 meters, the main bar by a large bending machine forming, wall thickness 2.5-6mm, the specific appearance and size according to user requirements custom.

2, material: road poles material for high-quality low silicon steel Q235A steel (which Si ≤ 0.04%, yield strength> 245Mpa); material meet the implementation of standards: GB699-88.

3, the welding process: the whole road lamp body should be no one cracking, leakage welding, continuous stomata, undercut, etc., smooth weld, no convex and concave ups and downs, without any welding defects, to provide welding inspection report, welding standard basis: GB / T3323 --- 1989III.

4, electrical door:

electrical door with plasma cutting.

b. electrical door and light body seamless, open the door does not weld the boss, the structure of high strength.

c. Have a reasonable operating space, the door with electrical installation accessories.

d. The gap between the door and the rod should not exceed 1 mm, with good waterproof performance.

e. A special fastening system, with good anti-theft performance, the fixed bolts using non-generic authoritarian tools to open. f. electrical door should have high interchangeability, the door has a reasonable operating space, providing 3% of the electrical door accessories

g. In the lower pole of the poles working door, a M8 × 30 bolts are firmly welded together with the poles for hot dip galvanizing for connecting the PE cable.

5, hot-dip galvanizing process: the use of hot-dip acid inside and outside the surface of rotative treatment, thickness ≥ 75um in line with GB- / T13912-92 standard. Design life should not be less than 30 years, galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful, the color is basically the same, after the hammering test can not afford skin, do not peel off. Provide galvanized test report.

6, spray technology: spray should be used outdoor pure polyester plastic powder, the color is white, plastic layer quality and stability, do not fade, do not fall off. Strong adhesion, strong anti-ultraviolet ultraviolet, UV, so that should be along the lake city and key salt areas. Design life than less than 30 years, thickness ≥ 80um, in line with ASTMD3359-83 standard. Provide spray test report. Spray protection requirements: film thickness of not less than 40um, strong adhesion, blade scratches (15 * 6mm grid) can not afford skin, do not fall off. The surface is smooth and the color is basically the same.

7, design ability

a. According to the corresponding wind speed requirements, according to the pole shape map of the rod force calculation book. b. The strength and surface structure of the square steel used in the rod body shall conform to the corresponding national standard. C. Seal the light pole and pack the top to prevent moisture from entering.

8, vertical degree test: light stand upright, the use of theodolite on the poles and horizontal degree between the vertical test, the vertical degree should be less than or equal to two thousandths.

9, rod body perception: shape and size to meet the requirements, the overall beautiful, polished surface smooth, uniform color. Galvanized layer smooth and smooth, spray layer adhesion and not peeling off.

10, all fixed bolts, nuts and other use of stainless steel (anchor bolts, except nuts).

11, poles internal cable threading channel unimpeded, easy to thread, and no sharp edges, burrs, teeth and similar circumstances, to avoid damage to the cable.

12, poles to meet the lightning protection and grounding requirements, 2 ambient temperature: -15-50 degrees Celsius; ambient wind speed: 40m / s; anti-seismic intensity: 8; corrosion resistance: 30 years.