Light Pole Role And Basic Structure

Traffic signal poles are an important part of traffic lights and are an important part of road traffic lights. The signal poles are divided into 8 angle poles, cylindrical poles and cone signal poles. According to the structure can be divided into single cantilever signal poles, double cantilever signal poles, frame signal poles, integrated signal poles and so on. The role and basic structure of traffic signal poles.

The signal poles are mainly used for traffic signals in road traffic, so the traffic signal is in the most favorable position. In reality, people only focus on traffic lights, but the signal poles on the traffic lights of the bracket is also very important.

Traffic signal pole rod bolts should be durable structure, and its main components, can withstand a certain mechanical pressure, electrical stress and thermal stress of the material composition, materials and electrical components should be moisture, self-explosion, fire or flame retardant products, Its main components are exposed metal surface should be hot dip galvanized layer protection, galvanized layer thickness of not less than 55 microns.

Solar controller: The role of solar controller is to control the working state of the entire system, it has a battery charge protection and charge protection effect. In the case of large temperature difference, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. In the solar street light system, we need a light control and time control of the solar street light controller.

Rods with high-quality steel, advanced technology, strong wind resistance, high strength, high carrying capacity. According to the requirements of customers, it can also be made into a positive octagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, and so on.

The role and basic structure of traffic signal poles

1. Basic structure: Road traffic signal rod and marking rod should be composed of pole, connecting flange, shape support arm, mounting flange and embedded steel structure.

2. Vertical or horizontal arm should be straight or seamless steel pipe; vertical rod and cross arm of the connection side of the use of horizontal arm of the same pipe, and welding reinforcement plate protection. Vertical and the base of the flange and the use of embedded bolts, welding reinforcement plate protection; horizontal arm and rod end connected to the flange, welding reinforcement plate to be protected.

3. The vertical and all major parts of the weld should meet the standard requirements. Smooth surface, smooth, smooth, reliable, no pores, welding slag, virtual welding and leakage welding.

4. Pole and its main components are equipped with lightning protection. The non-charged metal of the lamp forms a whole, which is connected to the ground via a grounding bolt on the housing.

5. Rod and its main components should have a reliable grounding device, the grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohms.

6. Wind resistance: 45 kg / mh.

7. Appearance treatment: pickling phosphating hot dip galvanized.

8. External traffic signal poles: same diameter, cone, diameter, square tube and frame.