Light Pole Classification And Advantages And Disadvantages

Pole by material can be divided into iron poles, glass fiber reinforced plastic poles, cement poles, aluminum poles.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of iron poles

Iron lamp pole advantages of high strength, shortcomings: 1. easy to rust and rust; 2. weight is three times the aluminum, transport installation costs are high; 3. recovery value is limited; 4. can not be used plug-in installation; Way monotonous.

2. FRP pole advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of light steel pole: 1. Light weight, easy installation; 2. Plug-in installation can be used.

Glass fiber optic light pole shortcomings: 1. Short life; 2. No recovery value, the treatment is very difficult and expensive; 3. UV damage to the body is very serious; 4. Maintenance costs are too high; 5. easy to be external equipment damage.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of cement pole

The advantages of cement poles: 1. Can be used plug-in installation; 2. Strength is good; 3. No need to spray.

Cement pole shortcomings: 1. Very heavy, bring expensive transportation costs; 2. No recycling value; 3. Installation equipment is expensive, difficult to install; 4. Danger than other materials.

4. Aluminum alloy pole advantages and disadvantages

Aluminum alloy pole advantages:

1, anti-corrosion performance 2, maintenance-free 3, light weight, easy to transport installation 4, surface treatment rich 5, than the iron poles and glass fiber lamp pole life of 6, 100% recovery, and low melting temperature, energy saving 7, can be used to insert the installation of 8, than the glass fiber light pole amplitude is small.

Aluminum alloy poles shortcomings: relative to the iron poles, aluminum alloy light pole strength is relatively low, but can be through the latter part of the heat treatment, so that the strength of aluminum pole to T6 standard. As the aluminum poles specific other poles unparalleled many advantages, so in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, aluminum lamp poles have been very common use, the current domestic is still in its infancy.

5. Light pole production process

(1) Cutting → (2) Bending → (3) Welding → (4) Repairing and grinding → (5) Shaping → (6) Grades → (7) Bottom plate → (8) Weld plate → (9) → (11) Bend → (12) Galvanized → (13) Spray → (14) Check.