Light Pole Categories And Features Introduced

In our modern life, our lighting is already covered every corner, whether it is our indoor lighting, or our outdoor lighting, are inseparable from the lighting, we used to talk about our indoor lighting, Xiao Bian today and everyone to discuss with us about an outdoor lighting fixture, that is the light pole, I believe we will be curious about what the light pole to discuss it, we have to discuss what aspects of the light pole Knowledge, do not suspect Now tell you that today we have to go to a good understanding of the light pole, look at what is commonly used in our life the different classification of poles, these different categories of poles by what are the characteristics .

We can see the light pole almost everywhere in our life. According to the material of the light pole, we can divide the light pole into glass poles, aluminum poles, concrete poles, and their concrete introduction As follows:

Glass pole

The so-called glass light pole, which is the use of glass as the main raw material to produce the light pole, the use of glass material to make the light pole has a very light quality, we can be installed in a variety of ways to install it, The most direct is the use of plug-in installation method, the installation is simple and convenient.

2 aluminum poles

The so-called aluminum pole, which is the use of aluminum alloy main lamp to produce the type of pole, aluminum pole relative to the iron pole, although the intensity is less than it, but the aluminum pole has the following characteristics:

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy pole materials used to make, therefore, our aluminum pole has a very good anti-corrosion properties.

The use of aluminum to make the light pole, light pole quality is very light, the use of installation can be used to install a variety of forms, and the installation method is simple and quick.

The surface of the aluminum alloy pole is through a series of process to make the surface of the pole smooth and flat, the use of different forms of treatment to deal with the aluminum pole has many different forms, the environment has a good decorative effect .

The aluminum pole is made of the preferred aluminum alloy material, so that the molded aluminum pole has a very stable performance and has a much longer life than any other pole.

3. Cement poles

The so-called cement poles, is the use of cement as the main raw material for the production of light pole type, the use of cement to make the pole, with high strength, it does not require any spraying process, you can use the insert However, the only downside of cement poles compared to other poles is that they weigh a lot and are slightly more dangerous to use than other poles.