LED Street Light Power Principle

  LED street Light power principle

  LED switching power supply is a circuit to control the switch and high-speed road and cut off. Is the DC into high-frequency AC to the transformer to transform, to produce the required one or more groups of voltage! Converted to high-frequency AC power is the reason for high-frequency AC in the transformer circuit efficiency than the mains 50Hz or 60Hz high.

  So the switching power supply transformer can be done very small, when the switching power supply will not be very hot, the product than the power frequency DC power supply low. If you do not turn 50Hz or 60Hz into high frequency power, then the switching power supply does not make any sense.

  Switching power supply can be divided into two kinds of isolation and non-isolation, is the isolation type must have a switching power supply converter, and not necessarily have a switching power supply converter.

  Switching power supply compared with the traditional DC power supply has a small size, light weight, and high