LED Street Light How To Wiring?

  LED Street Light how to wiring?

  1. Do not lay the cable according to national regulations, LED Street Light take the underground line, pay attention to the insulation of the line in the rainy days reach the level of insulation, may lead to tripping.

  2. to prevent the protection of the tube in the vehicle through the next, long-term pressure caused by the protection of the bad tube, the cable skin pressure is not good. Sheng Jin street lights that although there is no crushing, but the rain insulation on the decline, will lead to tripping.

  3. If the road poles on the wiring port to do bad, LED Street Light rain can be poured into the rain, resulting in tripping.

  4. Select whether it is sodium lamp. Do not choose incandescent lamps to avoid tripping.

  5. Check the cable, the wire has a connector, the connector is done according to regulations. Check the sealing performance of the joint, if it is not good, it will trip.

  How to lift LED solar street light?

  The same time as

  1, the installation of solar modules to light when the light is strictly prohibited short-circuit solar modules.

  2, the power cord and wiring together, LED Street Light the solar street light poles and solar cell assembly line with silicone seal, the battery components cable to be fixed at the stent to prevent the power cord due to long-term drooping or pulling the terminal Loose or even fall off.

  3, the installation of solar street lamp and light source to gently, to ensure that through the mask clean, no scratches.

  4, move the battery do not touch the battery terminals and control valves, the battery is strictly prohibited short circuit or roll.

  5, when the wiring is positive and negative, is strictly prohibited, the terminal crimp firmly, no loose, Sheng Jin lights reminded to pay attention to the connection order, is strictly prohibited short circuit.

  6, do not touch the solar cell components and battery "+" "-" pole, to prevent the risk of electric shock.

  7, in the installation process to avoid the solar LED street lamp body scratches.

  8, solar street lamp lamp, lamp arm, on the pole components, LED Street Light solar modules and other bolts connected firmly, no loosening.

  9, the installation of solar modules must be added when the panel