How To Properly Clean The Solar Street Light?

  How to properly clean the solar street light?

  In recent years, solar lights have been at a peak, as the industry gradually mature, more and more solar street lamp manufacturers are in the competition. With the price reduction, the development of the lamp has also improved. So in the end solar street lights and ordinary street lights are different?

  Here we look at the solar street lights to see how the operation of the cleaning process.

  Solar street lights have a beautiful shape, but its cleaning work is also a very complicated process, it and other fluorescent cleaning is different. Solar street light is a great cleaning process, we generally have a solar light cleaning specialist.

  It is divided into a variety of types, different types of light source cleaning are different, the current market is the preservation of these lamps is a lasting species, the general use of the production process is forging and casting. So what is the difference in the way it is cleaned, it is generally what is the use of clean? Different types of light selection of different cleaning agents. Usually use a special rubbing special cleaning water or cleaning cream, can also be used in the chemical shop to buy citric acid, citric acid diluted with water after soaking overnight, and then in the cleaning project, it also has a lot of attention, do not pay attention to the words May cause damage to the wick.

  Although the solar street lights have been developing, but the cleaning problem can not be ignored. Because of its different with the traditional ordinary lights, decided to clean the process is also more complicated. Once the attention is still relatively easy to lead to damage. Of course, the choice of quality assurance manufacturers also appears to be particularly important.