How To Buy LED Street Light?

  How to buy LED Street Light?

  LED Street Light are everywhere we can see the lighting, as long as the street, you can see a different street lights. Today, the street has a spring, slowly into our ordinary people home, enjoy the light of the night.

  How to buy LED Street Light?

  Speaking of street lamps, we will feel that his overall structure is very simple, there are poles, stents, lamps, power supply these four accessories can be formed, in fact, is also a simple, although the LED Street Light look very simple, But we are in the procurement of LED Street Light, it may not be so simple, especially for LED Street Light and light source selection, we need according to demand, according to the environment is bad and other factors, to buy for our use of LED Street Light, In order to ensure the life of the LED Street Light, buy good quality LED Street Light.

  So, how to buy LED Street Light? What information should I know about choosing a street light?

  1, LED light source:

  When we buy LED Street Light, we need to understand that it uses the LED light source is where the production, we can use imported high-power LED light source, because it is more energy-efficient than other light source, and compared with the sodium lamp Is able to achieve 50% of the energy-saving effect, the service life is longer.

  2, heat dissipation

  In addition to we should pay attention to the choice of light source, LED Street Light lamps themselves can not be ignored, in particular, depends on its cooling problem, if the LED lamps do not get a good heat, will affect the LED lamp life The