Comparative Analysis Between LED Street Light And Traditional Street Light

  Comparative analysis between LED street Light and traditional street Light

  LED street lights in the country has begun to gradually replace the traditional road lighting Lights, LED light source has long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, short start-up time, high color index, low working temperature, strong structure, no fear of vibration, good directivity, low working voltage, no ultraviolet radiation, environmental protection, light weight and many other advantages.

  Traditional road lighting Lights are commonly used in the light source is a high-pressure sodium Light or metal halide Light, the two light source is the biggest characteristic is the small size of the light-emitting arc tube, because of the small size of the arc tube produced very large optical output, and has a high light efficiency. But this type of light used in road Lights, only about 40% of the light directly through the glass cover to reach the road, other light through the Light reflector projection Light. Therefore, the current traditional Lights basic existence of two of deficiencies, one is the direction of direct lighting illumination is very high, on the secondary road can reach more than 50LX, this area is a significant excessive lighting, the illumination of two Lights at the intersection is only 40%-20% of the illuminance of the Light, and the second is that the reflector efficiency of such Lights is generally only 50%-60%, so there are about 60% of the light output in the Light, is the loss of 40%-30% after the projection onto the road, so the overall efficiency of traditional Lights in 70%- 80%, and the excessive waste of illuminance.

  LED light direction is very good.

  The heat produced by the LED is evacuated by conduction, and the ordinary light source radiates heat through thermal radiation, producing various kinds of radiation.

  The fixed way of LED is more simple and reliable.