Anti - Theft Management And Measures Of Solar Street Light

  Anti - theft Management and Measures of Solar Street Light

  At present, the development of solar street lights is not perfect, relative to the traditional road poles, the composition is more complex, to the daily maintenance has brought very great difficulties, at this stage for the installation of solar street lighting management and service system there are many deficiencies Place, resulting in the installation of solar street lights, post-management and services can not keep up with the speed of theft and damage.

  To reduce the theft of solar street lights, you can from the following aspects to strengthen management

  ① solar street lamp cost relative to the traditional road poles higher, and in the anti-theft and stability of the technology is not mature enough, should be selected in the city public places or more secure places set up, not easy to install in the suburbs;

  ② focus on the safety of solar street lights in the easy theft can be set up monitoring system or install the alarm system in order to timely access to the use of solar street lights and effective management;

  ③ use the standard and the quality of the control box and other solar energy lights, while the installation process to ensure that the installation of the firmware to meet the requirements to ensure that the robustness of solar lights, to a certain extent, can also play a security role.