System composition

Solar street lighting system that ensures the rainy weather for more than 15 days work! Its system is made up of LED light sources (including driver), solar panels, battery (included battery warmers), solar street lighting controllers, street lighting poles (including Foundation) and accessory wires a few parts.

Solar component General selection silicon or polysilicon solar component; LED lamp General selection power LED light; Controller General placed in lamp Rod within, has light control, and Shi control, and had filling had put protection and the anti-received protection, more senior of controller more has seasons adjustment bright lamp time function, and half power function, and intelligent charging and discharging function,; battery General placed Yu underground either will has specifically of battery insulation box, can used valve control type lead acid battery, and colloidal battery, and Iron and aluminium batteries or lithium batteries. Solar lamp automatic, no need to dig a trench wiring, lamps need devices in embedded parts (concrete base).