Solar Street Light Remote Controller Manual


ETK600---Handheld remote control manual, fault detector manual


The product is compatible with all TOWSAME solar street light intelligent dimming controller, with "time adjustment", "brightness adjustment", "load working current regulation" "load delay light adjustment" "morning light time adjustment"


Case AnalysisGuangdong


Light Source 20w, 10 LEDs in series,  in 2 parallel,without power supplier driver

System Voltage: 12V, Cloudy and Rainy days: 3-4 days

Application: Guangzhou     Daily Radiation: 3.2

Work 10 hours per day

The Third Time Period: 30% power, 2 hours

The First Period: 100% power ,  2 hours

The Second  Period: 70% power, 4 hours

The Forth Time Period: 60% power,                                               

Solar Panel: 120w 18v

Storage Battery: 65AH12V

Working Mode: 02 24 32 42 57 63 71 82

02: 100% power, 2 hours  (00” no 100% power working time)

24: the second period 4 hours ( 20: no second period)

32: the third period 2 hours (30: no third period)

42: lamp head in 2 parallel (every parallel 300mA current, auto trace voltage of LED in seires)

57: the second period 70% power

63: the third period: 30% power,

71: no charge 3 minutes the light turn up (72: 6 minutes, N*3 minutes)                                                                          

84: turn on for 2 hours before dawn ( 1 is for half an hour, 80 with no turn on before dawn)




Note: The controller receives the remote control signal, immediately enter the debug mode,

the system is normal, the lights turn on for 5 seconds then turn off.

×the charge is abnormal, the lights turn on for 30 seconds then turn off, check whether the solar panels are abnormal, positive and negative pole is connected correctly                                                                         

×Light does not turn on, the output is abnormal, please check whether the connection is reliable.



Setting Method:


Push the button ( one push) → chose decade number →press for 3 seconds, the unit number spark,  chose the unit number  → wait for 3 seconds, the unit number not spark any more, finish setting


Working mode setting table: