Solar Street Light Installation Step 1: Preparing Items

Abide by all safety warnings 

In order to ensure the personal and equipment safety, it is required to abide by all the safety warnings in the equipment and manual during installation, operation and maintenance. It is mandatory to strictly observe relevant equipment warnings and special safety instructions when operate our products and equipment. Also the outdoor installation safety instructions should be complied with.


 Observe local regulations and standards 

Local regulations and standards should be observed when operate the equipment.


Personnel requirement 

The staff responsible for installation and maintenance of the equipment must work with the electrical skill, be trained strictly and know well correct operation approach and safety instructions to do the work.


Inspection before installation 

The fastness and size of the foundation should be inspected before installing the solar energy street light. It is required to install the street light under the wind speed lower than force 4. The road warning board should be prepared before installation and irrelevant person is forbidden to come in the site.  


Instrument in demand 

Crane with 5 ton lifting capacity.

Hoist belt 2pcs

Multimeter 1pcs

Compass 1pcs

Assorted fasten instrument 1 set

No. 12 iron wire 15M