Solar Street Light Installation Step 3: Requirement of foundation pouring

Finalising the location of the light according to the road construction plans and prospect the geology condition. If the soil texture is all loosen soil in 1M under the earth surface, it is required to dig deeper. Before digging make sure that no other facilities like cable and tunnel under it, and make sure no shade long time affect the solar panel sunshine, otherwise change the location of the street light.


Dig the hole meet the demand of the design and pour the buried parts in the reserved location according to road construction plans and solar energy street light basic diagram. The location of buried parts should abide by the design requirement, mould and fix in the specific location, and maintain fixed plate parallel with the ground to ensure the light pole will be perpendicular to the ground to prevent incline. Poured and fixed by concrete in level C20 or more than this level, vibration spear should keep vibrating during this pouring to ensure the compactness and firmness.


The residual mud should be cleaned after construction. 


During the process of concrete freezing, it should be watered at regular time. After the concrete freezed completely (usually more than 72 hours), installation can be taken.